Month: September 2014


KiwiHost: Making a forgotten brand relevant again

Customer service training company KiwiHost New Zealand enjoyed prominent brand recognition in the early 1990’s, but at the time of speaking to Iron Road its brand recognition had waned considerably and a number of competitors had emerged. To further complicate things, most people who did recognise the name KiwiHost, also associated the company with the […]


A copywriters value is defined by how well they sell not spell

If you want a copywriter because you don’t have the time to do the copy yourself, or spell terribly or have a limited vocabulary… get an English teacher – they will probably cost less. Heck, some kids who do Spelling bees have better vocabularies than most copywriters, and they’re bound to be considerably cheaper too… […]

company social media page

Is your company social media page a whinge magnet?

Is there really any corporate value in Facebook? Or is it a double edged sword that’s more likely to wound your reputation than advance your cause? Working with many corporate clients in workshops, strategy facilitations and in helping them to set up their own content marketing programmes, it’s become very clear that company management is […]