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Is sales a future crime?

Customer service staff in New Zealand’s banks by and large hate the sales pressure they come under. So much so, one reported their employer to the newspapers and we quickly had headlines this month like ‘Bank employees blow whistle on sales tactics’. When I first read that headline I thought ‘oh, for crying out loud […]

Vaccination presents a compelling case for winning hearts and minds

Triggering an emotional response is often presented as the holy grail of successful communications – stories are a shortcut to the human heart, and all that blah (I’m feeling nauseous already). To accept the emotional argument entirely is like saying we’re all just chimpanzees awash in hormones. Think about this for a moment. How often […]

Thought Leadership begins when you put the public interest ahead of your own

A New Zealand power company said that they needed content to help them with their winter bill shock problem. Essentially, their switchboard is inundated with calls when winter begins because power bills increase sharply. Their objective was to produce content that addresses many of the questions that customers have when they get a big power […]

Want your content marketing to stand out? Stand for something

By standing for something, conventional media (newspapers, magazines, radio and TV) niche their message and differentiate themselves as an organisation. Time magazine tells the news through people stories. Life magazine used to tell the news using pictures. Almost all of them had some form of a content mission. By standing for something, you will have […]

Content marketing sells better by putting the customer first

Journalists have been creating content that people want to read for a very long time (advertising piggybacks off great content), but there’s no reason why you can’t create quality content. Remember that journalists have to go to experts like you to inform their stories, to begin with. So why not use some of the techniques […]

The erosion of trust in tertiary education and what to do about it

Where once tertiary education institutions competed with each other for enrolments – for the hard working as well as the talented – marketers in tertiary education are facing fierce disruption, and the enemy is far more subtle than technology. What’s more, the heat isn’t necessarily coming from other types of education such as eLearning or […]

Audio is booming

The lyrics from British new wave band The Buggles, Video Killed the Radio Star… “If I was young it didn’t stop you coming through, Oh a oh…” hints at the portability and accessibility of audio as a medium, which is freely available anywhere, at any time and to any age – driving, cooking, exercising… yet […]

Is provocative content worth it?

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: A headline in the recent ‘sponsored’ section of a New Zealand daily newspaper read, “Religion in class: The debate goes on” – followed by the teaser, “Values key for NZ’s young but private school group rejects faith-based teaching”. Although we’re talking about a ‘native ad’ – which is not content marketing per […]

How to set up a sales funnel for your content marketing

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: I was in my early teens when one day I was walking down a road in our neighbourhood. A front gate had been left open and out dashed a scruffy black dog. It was headed straight for me. It’s barred fangs, the snarling sounds it was making and the vicious intent in its […]