A copywriters value is defined by how well they sell not spell

If you want a copywriter because you don’t have the time to do the copy yourself, or spell terribly or have a limited vocabulary… get an English teacher – they will probably cost less.

Heck, some kids who do Spelling bees have better vocabularies than most copywriters, and they’re bound to be considerably cheaper too…

Teachers (in my limited experience) will get the grammar and spelling perfect, but you might find your audience is asleep by the end of the first paragraph. It might pay to give a 10-year-old Spelling bee contestant a go at your copy though… Kids can be creative, so you never know.

But if you want somebody to sell your product, somebody who can persuade and tell compelling stories that have your potential customers and clients reaching for the phone, or for their credit cards, then you want a copywriter.

In the immortal words of John E Kennedy (no relative) penned in 1905 – “it’s salesmanship in print”.

A copywriter works with the psychology of the hook. He or she researches and then creates a concept that goes to the heart of the prospects needs and desires, and works with that empathy and understanding to convince them that their lives will be vastly improved by doing business with you.

Do not reduce a copywriter to the lowest common denominator, that is chief of spelling and grammar or somebody you need to pick up the slack because you can’t do it yourself. Most people can sing, that does not mean they can do it well enough to be paid like Susan Boyle. Most people can write too, but, well… you get the point.

Of course you don’t want a dog’s breakfast and any copywriter should have a better than average grasp of spelling, grammar and syntax, but its better that they get the sales part right – that’s the real gold.

Even your spell check can check spelling and grammar. You don’t need a copywriter for that.

Consider that journalists research, interview and then tell a story once they have conceived the angle, the worthiness of the content and have made it as engaging as they can. Then it goes to the news editor, copy taster, sub-editor, night editors… writers conceive, others proof read, double-check the facts and add the finishing touches.

But the creator in the beginning is the writer and he or she is not perfect, they make mistakes. For mistake free, you need an English teacher… and even they will be hard pressed to be perfect.

Teachers understand the rules.

Masters create the craft.

Grammar and spelling only has meaning when it not only makes sense but is also riveting, persuasive, absorbing… Nobody reads anything for the spelling or grammar – they read it for the story.

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