Month: February 2015

approach to content marketing

Overview: An approach to content marketing in New Zealand

The nature of a good content marketing strategy is to target buyer personas with good quality content that adds value to them, and helps them make better decisions. By publishing helpful, valuable and relevant content, a company vastly improves search engine rankings, customer engagement and conversion outcomes, as in leads, sales and loyalty. Content that […]

baptist savings

Baptist Savings: $59M in deposits to $80M in 15 months

Baptist Savings accepts deposits from primarily high value investors and lends the money to church, day-care and community centre developments at low interest rates. The organisation recently turned 50 but, amazingly, was largely an unknown to most people and churchgoers (its primary market), until recently. The typical buying personas for Baptist Savings are: Affluent people […]

engage customers

The best time to engage customers

We read a lot about engaging customers, cutting through the clutter, getting our message across… the truth is that we only ‘get through’ when the potential client is ready, able and willing to buy. When a person is actively looking for a solution, a product or a service, they will come looking for you. The […]