Month: June 2016


BNI NZ: Growth from cause motivated content

Some years ago, BNI New Zealand was faced with something of a dilemma because the international organisation promotes ‘referral networking for business’ as the most effective form of marketing in the world. This automatically disqualifies BNI from undertaking most forms of conventional marketing (like advertising) to its B2B market. BNI’s core ‘service’ is structured business […]

relevance in the face of mob consciousness

The rush to relevance in the face of mob conscience

Brands that wish to be trusted now and in the future must make the move from value positioning to relevance positioning in the context of a rising social consciousness in which every single person believes that as individuals, they can make a difference. Gone are the days when people shrugged their shoulders and said: “There’s […]

corruption of content marketing

The corruption of content marketing

In many ways the rise of ‘content marketing’ was a reaction to the decline of advertising, but ‘content marketing’ is now a widely used term that could mean anything – you know we’ve lost the plot when the Old Spice advertising campaign “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” is referred to as a good […]

content sales programme

The anatomy of a content sales programme

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: You’ve heard about content marketing, but very often that’s a ‘long game’ strategy. When you need quicker results, it’s time to launch a ‘content sales’ campaign. Here’s how. XME Ltd is an insurance advisory company (broker) that asked us to come up with a plan to help them grow their engagement and […]