To be without a reputation is to be irrelevant

In a polarised world, reputation can be made, or destroyed, in moments… the thought of which sends most sensibly minded people running for cover. It’s better to say nothing than risk your neck (say some). Unfortunately, in today’s hyper-connected world, invisibility is a liability–if you want to get anywhere, you will have to clear your foxhole and choose your direction.

Remember that your LinkedIn profile will decide your next job (your CV now plays a minor role); a positive online presence can enhance social connections and networking opportunities because, like it or not, we live online. It’s where you present as a thought leader and an expert, connect with customers, friends, and future partners, and showcase your work and demonstrate your skills.

But you have a choice. To let your reputation happen organically or to take control of it.

I had a client who had built a solid reputation in a particular business field. He had published books, delivered keynotes, written articles and posted videos. He moved away from that field into a new, emerging area after an international company offered him a job as their spokesperson. It turns out the company was dubious, and his reputation was tarnished. He quickly got out, but by then, if you searched his name, it had become synonymous with the words ‘scam’ and ‘fraud’ – though there was never any official investigation of the company he had briefly worked with.

However, his previous strong digital footprint allowed us to more easily suppress the negative stuff to page two of Google, and eventually even page three. We know that if you want to hide a dead body where nobody will ever find it, put it on page two of Google. Over time, the negative stuff has ‘sunk’ down the rankings towards oblivion.

The exercise was far shorter and cheaper than it might have been if not for his existing online reputation. This true-life example shows that a current online reputation can help buffer you when things go wrong.

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