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good news first

The real reason why nobody ever wants the good news first

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: “We feel it’s a bit negative. We prefer to put this in a positive light.” This was the response we received from a client when we submitted an article press release to them for approval recently. It’s not an unusual position, it’s perfectly understandable, and it’s wrong. Problems are at the heart […]

content story ideas

How to come up with content story ideas

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: If you want an endless supply of content marketing story ideas, begin by identifying trends before (and when) they happen. To do this, ask yourself, your customers and your staff the following questions: What is the gossip and rumour in our industry at this time? What legislative changes have you heard about, […]

does your audience have a short attention span

Content marketing pain: does your audience have a short attention span?

A major challenge currently confronting content marketing efforts by many brands is how to capture and hold the attention of an audience for the length of time it takes to consume editorial content. We’re living in a fast moving, busy, time pressed age and the level of commitment required to read 500-word articles and blogs, […]

hiring a journalist

Hiring a journalist does not constitute content marketing

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: The philosophies and objectives of advertising are not redundant or dead or declining, but our silo approach to the way we think, package and deliver marketing messages certainly is. Trying to force advertising on consumers — particularly on those who have no interest in the product or service – has to change. […]

content mistakes

Common content mistakes: your expertise is not the customers problem

A common content marketing mistake – and I have been guilty of this myself, often – is writing about what you do. For example, copywriters are particularly guilty of writing about about how to write better – why on earth? I suppose the common aim is to demonstrate your knowledge and experience, but it’s bad […]

technical writer

Do you need a technical writer or just a damned good editor?

Organisations that sell and support complex, technical products and services in New Zealand increasingly understand the value of content marketing in the current environment, but often end up stymied by either a lack of technically capable content writers, or with knowing how to develop and implement a technical content marketing programme for their business. Unlike […]

powerful story

How to tell a powerful story

Everybody loves a good story – to hear one, and to tell one – which is why a good story, well told, is engaging, memorable and cuts through clutter like a scalpel. A good story should be viral in nature. In other words, one that people believe is worth repeating – whether it’s at the […]

approach to content marketing

Overview: An approach to content marketing in New Zealand

The nature of a good content marketing strategy is to target buyer personas with good quality content that adds value to them, and helps them make better decisions. By publishing helpful, valuable and relevant content, a company vastly improves search engine rankings, customer engagement and conversion outcomes, as in leads, sales and loyalty. Content that […]


A copywriters value is defined by how well they sell not spell

If you want a copywriter because you don’t have the time to do the copy yourself, or spell terribly or have a limited vocabulary… get an English teacher – they will probably cost less. Heck, some kids who do Spelling bees have better vocabularies than most copywriters, and they’re bound to be considerably cheaper too… […]

content that connects

Content that connects: the proper use of buyer personas

“She was a bold-looking girl of about twenty-seven, with thick dark hair, a freckled face, and swift, athletic movements…” You might view ‘buyer personas’ a bit like this description of Julia from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eight-Four – vaguely interesting, somewhat entertaining, but with no real relevance to the serious business of content marketing. There’s no […]