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The 7 essentials of a killer content marketing strategy

Part 1: The heart of your content I went to high school with identical twins, and I was always puzzled when other people couldn’t appear to tell them apart. To me, it was perfectly obvious who was who. You might think it was because I had a massive crush on one of them that lasted […]

squeeze more juice from your content

How to squeeze more juice from your content marketing

AUCKLAND, New Zealand: In this age of content marketing, how do you get more mileage from the content you create when you do business in a small country like New Zealand, which has limited channels and small audiences? I recently conducted a survey of Kiwi digital and marketing communications managers, which revealed that creating a […]

How an anthropologist can help build your buyer personas

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: One of the presenters at a recent New Zealand Content Marketing Conference, Professor Hamish Gow from Massey University, really captured my imagination with his advice to grab a camera and go be an amateur anthropologist if you want to understand your customer… I find the idea that we can study humankind’ to […]

how to market something so new

How to market something so new nobody knows they need it

Content Marketing, Auckland – NEW ZEALAND: How do you raise awareness and create a market for a completely new, unique product or service that nobody has ‘ever heard of’? I was at a Grow with Hubspot event in Auckland recently when business owner Joanna Clough asked a similar question. Joanna is the New Zealand founder […]

make your content relevant

How to make your content relevant

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: In our rush to drive traffic to our websites, promote our brands and build market awareness we often miss the most important fundamental of content marketing, which is ‘the story’… The story, the news angle, the value a piece of content provides the audience, should take precedence over the commercial objectives of […]

long posts get the most shares

Fact: Long articles get the most shares

Content Marketing, New Zealand: A Hubspot seminar in Auckland last week revealed that 2000 word articles, or longer, get the most social media shares. This one fact goes a long way to dispelling the myth that people only read what’s ‘short and sweet’ — relevant content, long form or short form, will always appeal to […]

relevance in the face of mob consciousness

The rush to relevance in the face of mob conscience

Brands that wish to be trusted now and in the future must make the move from value positioning to relevance positioning in the context of a rising social consciousness in which every single person believes that as individuals, they can make a difference. Gone are the days when people shrugged their shoulders and said: “There’s […]

corruption of content marketing

The corruption of content marketing

In many ways the rise of ‘content marketing’ was a reaction to the decline of advertising, but ‘content marketing’ is now a widely used term that could mean anything – you know we’ve lost the plot when the Old Spice advertising campaign “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” is referred to as a good […]

content sales programme

The anatomy of a content sales programme

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: You’ve heard about content marketing, but very often that’s a ‘long game’ strategy. When you need quicker results, it’s time to launch a ‘content sales’ campaign. Here’s how. XME Ltd is an insurance advisory company (broker) that asked us to come up with a plan to help them grow their engagement and […]

is your business like the party bore

Is your business like the party bore?

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: Have you ever been to a party, a business networking function or social gathering where you encountered somebody who prattled on about herself ad nauseam. It was horrible, wasn’t it? On the other hand, have you ever encountered somebody who was interested in you and what you had to say? They listened, […]