How to make your messaging interesting and persuasive 

Are you telling your target market how to suck eggs? Worse, are you communicating the messages as your competitors? For example, many companies within, say, finance, will write blogs, do podcasts and send newsletters about interest rates. Everybody does it, so, like any commodity, you’re not adding value. 

Good content marketing and PR is to differentiate yourself and establish credibility with information, education and inspiration unique to your brand, business or skillset.  

News is not news if everybody is talking about it already. For example, much of the communication around interest rates is relatively broad, with few attempts to explain what those interest rates mean for clients at a more granular level. Even fewer companies will educate clients on what to do about it. 

For example, we did a media article for a client a few years back when Auckland Transport closed K’Road to build a busway. We called the article ‘What do do when council throws your business under the bus-way’. One of the tips we offered was that food and beverage businesses get an iPad and walk from office to office in the area, taking orders and providing door-to-door service. That’s granular, educational and helpful. 

Here’s how you can make your content marketing and PR more valuable: 

1. Topical 

Generate content that speaks to what’s topical right now. 

For example, there is a story about a man who ‘sensationally quits after appalling demand by boss’. This is an excellent opportunity for lawyers, human resources and recruitment companies to offer commentary, information and advice. It’s current, so people are aware and talking about it now. 

If you want people’s attention, talk about what already has their attention. 

2. Educational 

Always offer three or four helpful tips to your audience that don’t involve having to use or buy your services. The only thing that must be promotional in your article or blog is the call-to-action at the bottom of the piece. 

3. Interesting 

Make it enjoyable by referring to examples and telling stories – even if it’s a fairytale or fable everybody knows. People love stories, and there is no better way to draw people in than through a story, particularly when you tie it back to the point of your message. 

4. Relevant 

Address a problem. People have issues and needs that they are focussed on here and now. Provide relevant content by addressing those problems and needs directly. If anything can focus the mind, it’s pain. Addressing that pain shows empathy, and providing helpful, practical advice on what they can do about it builds trust and engagement. 

To create content and public relations campaigns that have a high likelihood of achieving media pick-up and building trust with your audience, take your messaging up a TIER: 

T – Topical 

I – Interesting 

E – Educational 

R – Relevant. 

Finally, always have a call to action. 

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