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For your reputation to flourish, your ego must die

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP, REPUTATION – Bruce Springsteen reportedly once said that there would always be rock stars so long as there were people in the audience …

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How safe is your online reputation in 2021?

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – A a client of ours, and his company, were mentioned in an online forum. In the same forum, totally unrelated, was …

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Why your online reputation is more important than ever before

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Is sales a future crime?

Customer service staff in New Zealand’s banks by and large hate the sales pressure they come under. So much so, one reported their employer to …

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Vaccination presents a compelling case for winning hearts and minds

Triggering an emotional response is often presented as the holy grail of successful communications – stories are a shortcut to the human heart, and all …

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We recently asked more than 1,000 New Zealand marketers how they generate business leads. The results were… surprising

Overall, New Zealand marketers who responded to our informal survey employ a total of 23 lead generation tactics, and the most dominant tactics take the …

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