Vaccination presents a compelling case for winning hearts and minds

Triggering an emotional response is often presented as the holy grail of successful communications – stories are a shortcut to the human heart, and all …

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We recently asked more than 1,000 New Zealand marketers how they generate business leads. The results were… surprising

Overall, New Zealand marketers who responded to our informal survey employ a total of 23 lead generation tactics, and the most dominant tactics take the …

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Thought Leadership begins when you put the public interest ahead of your own

A New Zealand power company said that they needed content to help them with their winter bill shock problem. Essentially, their switchboard is inundated with …

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Want your content marketing to stand out? Stand for something

By standing for something, conventional media (newspapers, magazines, radio and TV) niche their message and differentiate themselves as an organisation. Time magazine tells the news …

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Content marketing sells better by putting the customer first

Journalists have been creating content that people want to read for a very long time (advertising piggybacks off great content), but there’s no reason why …

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The erosion of trust in tertiary education and what to do about it

Where once tertiary education institutions competed with each other for enrolments – for the hard working as well as the talented – marketers in tertiary …

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