If you want media coverage (PR), don’t advertise 

PUBLIC RELATIONS, Auckland, New Zealand: When issuing a press release, the temptation is to talk about yourself, your products or services or value. After all, ...
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ChatGPT vs. human copywriters: Who wins in the end? 

AUCKLAND, New Zealand—As a writer (copywriting, public relations and fiction), I am excited by the advent of AI as a tool, but I am also ...
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How content marketing can help you ‘clear’ your reputation on Google 

Let’s call him John. For more than a decade, John had cultivated a successful profile and business as a sales educator. He was widely travelled, ...
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Old House

Why your out-of-date blogs are bad for business 

There’s a song by 80’s popstar Shakin’ Stevens called ‘This Old House’, and it goes, “Ain’t got time to fix the shingles, nor to mend ...
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Why many CFOs and CEO are right to cut marketing in tough times 

By Colin Kennedy  AUCKLAND, New Zealand – CONTENT MARKETING: Accountants take a lot of heat, particularly your CFOs and CEOs, for slashing marketing budgets when times ...
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How to get noticed in a noisy market 

Once upon a time, in a forest, there lived a pack of wolves. One day, a strange wolf named Blaze appeared, with bright orange fur ...
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