Facemasks make a useful propaganda tool

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – PUBLIC RELATIONS: Have you considered the use of props to help make your communications more persuasive? Here’s an example of how ...
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Animal testing bad PR

What matters to customers matters to your reputation

My 12-year-old daughter, clearly upset, brought a just used bottle of shampoo to my wife last night. “They test it on animals,” she said, the ...
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‘Nosy neighbour syndrome’ a Godsend for B2B marketers?

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – CONTENT MARKETING: Farmers would stroll over to the farm gate, operations managers would dust off a chair, and the CFO might ...
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In the war for attention, what does Covid teach us?

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – CONTENT MARKETING: Are you tired of hearing about Covid? But… it still gets your attention, right? That’s because it is relevant ...
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Thought Leadership

For your reputation to flourish, your ego must die

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP, REPUTATION – Bruce Springsteen reportedly once said that there would always be rock stars so long as there were people in the audience ...
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How safe is your online reputation in 2021?

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – A a client of ours, and his company, were mentioned in an online forum. In the same forum, totally unrelated, was ...
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