What is sponsored content?

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: Sponsored content, or native ads as some call them (I believe there is a distinction), essentially mimic the style and look of …

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BNI NZ: Growth from cause motivated content

Some years ago, BNI New Zealand was faced with something of a dilemma because the international organisation promotes ‘referral networking for business’ as the most …

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The rush to relevance in the face of mob conscience

Brands that wish to be trusted now and in the future must make the move from value positioning to relevance positioning in the context of …

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The corruption of content marketing

In many ways the rise of ‘content marketing’ was a reaction to the decline of advertising, but ‘content marketing’ is now a widely used term …

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The anatomy of a content sales programme

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: You’ve heard about content marketing, but very often that’s a ‘long game’ strategy. When you need quicker results, it’s time to launch …

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Is your business like the party bore?

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: Have you ever been to a party, a business networking function or social gathering where you encountered somebody who prattled on about …

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