How to turn public relation’s media impressions into flesh-and-blood customers

New Zealand is yet to feel the tremors of dissatisfaction with digital advertising running through London and New York, but they’re coming. It all started …

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Is provocative content worth it?

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: A headline in the recent ‘sponsored’ section of a New Zealand daily newspaper read, “Religion in class: The debate goes on” – …

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How to create a powerful call to action

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: A powerful CTA or “Call to Action” – essential to Content Marketing and Inbound – is a button on your website that …

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How to set up a sales funnel for your content marketing

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: I was in my early teens when one day I was walking down a road in our neighbourhood. A front gate had been …

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AMP: The tyranny of Google

Insurance is not an exciting purchase, but it is an important one. Marketing channels for insurance products are also very expensive. For example, insurance is …

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Fight for my inbox: Hardy’s vs Countdown

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: I’m on the move, I open my mobile and check my emails. There’s 18 unopened emails waiting for me – and that’s …

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