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simple art of content

The simple art of content marketing

The company CEO sighed and looked up at the blank white ceiling. I half expected to see a metal ceiling fan there, ponderously pushing air around, whup, whup, whup… but there was none. “I don’t know about content marketing, or even marketing in general,” he says at last, speaking slowly and twisting his lips to […]

pr and digital

The content tussle between PR & digital – who will win?

The rising of content marketing as a viable promotional strategy may be just the lifeline that the struggling media industry, journalists and digital advertising agencies in New Zealand need, provided they can put aside their adherence to outdated roles and philosophies. In its purest form, content marketing is brand journalism – the creation of content […]

corrupt content marketing

Synthetic highs: a trope for corrupt content marketing?

I bought my 5-year-old daughter a pink piggybank because I wanted her to learn how to save. Then she discovered it made a splendid noise, and turned it into a nerve shredding shaker… A good thing gone bad? Isn’t it interesting, how often something is made, invented, created, intended for a particular purpose, only to have […]

key message

Consider using key messages in your content marketing

A key message is public relations tool defined as: “A short, concise and memorable sentence used to convey an important message during an interview”. Key messages however have far broader application in a marketing context. Most organisations have several buyer personas with different needs and problems, multiple products, services, benefits and a list of different […]

journalists the new marketers

Are journalists the new marketers?

Could journalists be the new marketing consultants of tomorrow? It’s already happening and the discipline even has a name. It’s called brand journalism. For years I used my journalism skills to help clients with their sales and marketing (over and above simple copywriting), but I considered myself relatively unique. Not anymore. I always thought it […]

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is not article marketing – it’s not writing a bunch of articles, sometimes of dubious quality, and loading them chockfull of keywords before publishing them on free sites in as many places as possible in order to build links. If an SEO (search engine optimisation) company says they do content marketing, think again […]