Is your business like the party bore?

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: Have you ever been to a party, a business networking function or social gathering where you encountered somebody who prattled on about herself ad nauseam. It was horrible, wasn’t it?

On the other hand, have you ever encountered somebody who was interested in you and what you had to say? They listened, they asked questions that showed they were engaged and when it was their turn to talk they were empathetic, insightful, even self effacing. You really liked them, didn’t you?

The essence of good marketing in 2016 is no different. If you want to engage your audience, address their needs and their problems. Listen, and reply with insightful, informative and educational content that answers their questions and helps them solve their problems.

Good content marketing does four things very well. It…

1. Educates;
2. Entertains;
3. Informs; and
4. Inspires.

Talk less about yourself and more about your customer’s concerns. When you put others first, you show that you care and that leads to trust and liking and we all like to buy from people we know, like and trust.

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