How to come up with content story ideas

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: If you want an endless supply of content marketing story ideas, begin by identifying trends before (and when) they happen.

To do this, ask yourself, your customers and your staff the following questions:

  • What is the gossip and rumour in our industry at this time?
  • What legislative changes have you heard about, which might be in the wings for your industry, or that will affect your customers?
  • Look to the Minister or officials in charge of your industry. What are their passions? What are they most frequently quoted on? Every politician has an axe to grind. Understanding what it is, will help you predict future developments from central government.
  • What technology changes or inventions have you heard about, that might be occurring?

Ask yourself what currently makes you go hot under the collar. How can you talk about it in a way that offers solutions (in a reasoned and rationale voice of course).

By making a study of your environment, and how it will impact your customers, you move from adding value to being valuable.

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