Create social media content that differentiates

NEW ZEALAND, Auckland: Effective social media content creation is telling a story that automatically positions and differentiates your brand and your message.

There’s a story about a man from the ancient world who was selling a statue – of a local goddess – that he said would bring its owner wealth and good fortune.

A woman in the marketplace challenged him with the question, “Why would you sell the statue when you can reap the benefits yourself?”

He replied: “I need the money now, and this statue takes at least a year to work.”

Powerful social media content creation is about how you position the content, the story you tell, and the promises you make – and it needs a strong reason why. 

Getting people to ready your content is like selling – there’s heaps of competition, and customers who do not know much about you or your brand will be wary. They need to be engaged, convinced and sold.

Your average New Zealander is exposed to thousands of marketing messages daily. For your content to get attention and attract interest, you need to differentiate – avoid content for content’s sake.

Here are some tips on how to differentiate your social media content:

• Teach, don’t preach.

• Talk about your customer, not yourself.

• Create timely content (immediate and current).

• Show, don’t tell.

• Share a story.

When it comes to effective social media, content creation is about understanding your audience and their needs. It is also about telling a story that resonates with your customer – it paints a vivid picture in their minds and is relevant and immediate to where they are today (not yesterday).

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