Tax Management New Zealand ‘The Better Advisory Business’ Podcast

“Iron Road has proven itself to be a very effective at producing quality content that hits the mark. Colin is up with the play, knows what works to achieve the desired outcome and always delivers what he says he’s going to deliver. He’s a total pro.” – Lee Stace, Head of Content Tax Management NZ

Tax Management New Zealand is a leader in the tax pooling space, but wanted to add value to the company’s broad ‘influencer’ base – namely tax agents.

The problem

TMNZ was naturally reluctant to talk tax because, in addition to already publishing a body of high level tax information, the company was conscious that its audience are already experts in their field.

The Solution

Iron Road, along with TMNZ, identified that while tax agents are specialists in tax they are also business owners – specifically in an advisory space that is facing more than its fair share of disruption.

Out of this market need, the “TMNZ Better Advisory Business’ podcast was born. The content deals with a multitude of business problems and opportunities that tax agents must deal with, including ‘thought leadership’ and the ‘disruption to compliance businesses brought about by technology’.


Listen to the podcast here.

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