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Compelling content to the right audience at the right time

Nobody likes to watch ads anymore because life's too short and too busy... But the consumption of relevant online content is going through the roof – everybody is glued to a screen somewhere.

So, how do you attract, connect, engage and convert your audience into loyal customers?

In time when everybody is constantly bombarded with content – we call it the age of infobesity – only three things matter:

1. Be different
2. Be relevant
3. Be valuable 

The CEO of catering company approached us recently because he was uncomfortable. He was told that it was important to have content on his website, so they had filmed a video of him talking to camera about his business… and he didn’t like it. “It’s boring and it’s all about us,” he said. “Who wants to watch that?”

So we wrote a new script, one that had him working in the kitchen while being interviewed on camera – like a cooking show. Preparing food for catering an offsite function is about as different from preparing food in a restaurant as apples are from oranges, the only thing they have in common is food.

We could have interviewed third party experts too, for colour, variety and information. Actually, we could probably have made a documentary. That’s the difference between Iron Road and other content marketing providers – we’re journalists; we understand the value of informing, educating and inspiring an audience with objective, thought leading content, rather than trying to push commercial messages that nobody’s wants.


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