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Learn Content Marketing – Training Workshops New Zealand wide

Each workshop is personalised and tailored to your business or organisation so that you come away with far more than skills – ideas, buzz and tangible next steps are just part of the deal. 

Beating infobesity – how to create content that grabs attention and calls people to action: Create content that is so relevant and authentic that it reaches inside people and grabs them by the eyeballs, moves their emotions and shifts them into action

Iron Road’s Colin Kennedy offers a selection of hands-on training workshops that mean you’ll never have to stress about what to write, tweet or broadcast about ever again.

These half-day or full day options will help you and your team develop a content creation strategy that will influence or move your customers to action. You won’t have to agonise over ideas for content yourself or struggle to brief a writer about exactly what you’re looking for.

These are ‘done for you’ content marketing creation workshops. For a list and further details on your workshop options: Click here to view our workshop products or call us on 0508 Content (266836).

“Excellent instructor, knowledgeable, with real-world experience and examples.” – Rich H.


He invented the sewing machine but couldn’t sell even one. Why?

Elias Howe invented the sewing machine but lived in borrowed suits.

Elias Howe invented the lockstitch sewing machine. The technology was innovative and unique; the benefits would revolutionise the garment industry and, yet, he couldn’t sell a single machine. Sadly, Elias found himself destitute and a widower – his wife dead from illness. With three children to raise, his future looked bleak.

Why, with one of the most revolutionary inventions of all times in his hands, did Elias find himself confronting years of discouragement and disappointment? (I’ll tell you about how things ended for Elias in a moment).


“Colin has a great breadth of knowledge and made the course very tailored to our organisational needs, giving examples that I can immediately take back to the office.” – Nic T.


PROBLEM: 1.8 billion pieces of content every day

The story of Elias Howe shows that no matter how magnificent, useful, unique and beneficial your products or services are, failure to engage your target market with relevant, interesting and valuable content will not end well.

You need the right messaging.

Unfortunately, modern marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners like you have it far worse than Elias Howe.

Founder and CEO of Adobe’s Livefyre Inc. Jordan Kretchmer tells us that 1.8 billion pieces of content are created every day (a lot more than Elias had to contend with).

And do you know what else?

Ninety percent (that’s 90%) of the content that exists in the world today was created less than two years ago!

“Colin was great. An impressive background with solid knowledge. He was engaging and always helped to link back ideas to your objectives. And always checked to make sure we were getting what we wanted.” – Kelsey L.


Pace of life, time poverty, loss of trust – all of these things make cut through harder

  • Your customer is overwhelmed with messages. The average person is exposed to 3,500 messages a day;
  • In these workshops, you and your team will learn how to cut through the noise;
  • Your client is living life at a fast pace, barely finding enough time to focus on the important things in their lives (research tells us that even our walking speed is faster than it was ten years ago);
  • Discover how to create content that makes people pause and engage;
  • Technology is changing our brains. For example, when last did you bother to memorise a telephone number? Scientific American calls it the ‘Age of the iBrain’;
  • Find out how to move your customers – who are literally processing information differently than in the past – to action;
  • Thanks to the Great Recession, your customers are less trusting and more cynical than ever. Author on the sharing economy Rachel Botsman will tell you trust is society’s most fragile asset. It is not a given;
  • The foundation of trust, Botsman says, is the alignment of interests between company and customer. We’ll show you how your content messaging can build trust in your audience.

“Liked the way the whole session was put together into a strategy we could take away and think about.” – Deon B.


SOLUTION: Educate, inform and inspire with mission-driven content that is relevant, timely and valuable

Compelling content that can persuade others to accept ideas, products or services is founded on a strategy that shows your customers that you share their interests.

  • In these workshops, you will learn how to create a mission and vision that aligns your interests with your customers;
  • You will discover techniques that the media use – the power of objectivity, third person endorsement and the 8 principles of newsworthiness – that give your stories, videos and podcasts irresistible power and stick-ability.

For a snapshot of a workshop, see professional content marketer Dylan Brown’s review here.


POST SOLUTION: Mission guided content will differentiate your brand and show your customers you have their interests at heart

By the end of these workshops, you will know how to:

  • Develop a content mission that never leaves you stuck for ideas for content;
  • Create your own brand story that aligns with your customer’s interests;
  • Perform an environmental analysis to ensure an endless supply of relevant, newsworthy content;
  • How to differentiate your content in a way that elevates it above the clutter;
  • The science of uncovering emotional motivators and targeting the feelings that drive customer decisions;
  • Create content – blogs, articles, video, podcasts, infographic etc. – that educates, informs and entertains;
  • Optimise your client’s decision journey and experience with content;
  • Craft stories that turn your customers into brand evangelist.

33% of those that attend the content creation workshop rate the presentation as excellent. 66.7% of attendees rate the presentation as very good (above good).


What Can You Expect from this Workshop?

  • Real New Zealand relevant examples;
  • An overview of the online marketing space in New Zealand, trends, challenges and opportunities;
  • Actual New Zealand case studies and examples;
  • Tips and advice from leading Kiwi online and digital marketers and leaders;
  • Understand key motivators at each stage of the customer decision journey;
  • How to move customers along their decision journey.

66.7% of those that attend the content creation workshop rate the content itself as excellent. 33.3% rate the content as very good (above good).


Afterward, You Will Be Able To…

  • Develop a unique voice and create endless, engaging and valuable content based on a relevant publishing vision, mission and strategy.
  • Attract a larger audience from your target market.
  • Position your company or various team members as thought leaders.
  • Increase leads/awareness.
  • Grow your market share.
  • Attract more attention and more customers.

So, what happened to Elias Howe?

Elias Howe travelled to England because somebody was interested in one of his machines, but the deal never came together. As his financial conditions worsened, he managed to send his family back the United States.

When Elias finally returned to the US in 1849, he was destitute, and his wife was dying. He also found that his machines were being widely manufactured and sold in the United States by a certain Isaac Singer – in violation of his patent. Howe sued Singer and won, receiving considerable royalties from Singer and others who had copied his invention. Both Singer and Howe died millionaires.

Credit must go to Singer who, besides making some refinements to Howe’s invention, was the better marketer because he made the sewing machine a household name (even offering a hire purchase option for his customers).

These are ‘done for you’ content marketing creation workshops. For a list and further details on your workshop options: Click here to view our workshop products or call us on 0508 Content (266836).

About the Trainer

Colin Kennedy has more than 28,000 hours of content creation under his belt.

His experiences in a religious cult as a child, his time in the propaganda units of military intelligence, his work as a news journalist, marketing & sales manager and CEO enables Colin to give his students a unique and exciting perspective.

An established thought leader in content marketing creation and strategy, Colin has shared his ideas, insights and knowledge with literally thousands of people around the world through workshops and keynote speaker presentations.

Colin is the recipient of the BNI International Speakers’ Award (link?) and a member of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand.

In his spare time, when not spending time with his family, he writes fiction, practises Aikido and builds furniture from discarded wood pallets.

“Thanks again for the workshop the other day – it was awesome!!” – Kristin Martin, AMP


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