Consider using key messages in your content marketing

A key message is public relations tool defined as: “A short, concise and memorable sentence used to convey an important message during an interview”.

Key messages however have far broader application in a marketing context.

Most organisations have several buyer personas with different needs and problems, multiple products, services, benefits and a list of different objectives. All of these variables require different approaches, messages, strategies and tactics.

A key message however, is one consistent that runs through EVERYTHING you do.

Most organisation will have between five and ten key messages to choose from, and should consistently look for opportunities to include at least one key message into every form of communication.

Repetition builds retention, and key messages are a valuable tool for creating an entrenched perception in the minds of your audience.

A key message may be just one sentence long, and should something compelling, memorable and important about your business.

For example:

“John Green Landscapes are specialists in creating sustainable gardens in Wellington.”

“Iron Road’s mix of journalism and marketing expertise make it the leading content marketing agency in Auckland.” – sorry, couldn’t resist that…

Off the top of your head – as well as reviewing your values, mission and vision statements, your business plan and marketing strategy – list ten facts about your organisation that you think define it, or which you feel is absolutely important for your customers to know.

Also, when doing a sales pitch, are there any facts or benefits you like to highlight?

From that list, write five key messages that are specific, but broad enough, to apply to virtually every single piece of communication you will ever create.

Now every time you write something, even a blog, look to insert a key message somewhere (but make sure it fits naturally into the context).

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