Overview Training Workshops

Each workshop is personalised and tailored to your business or organisation so that you come away with far more than skills – ideas, buzz and tangible next steps are just part of the deal. 

1. CONTENT MISSION Half-Day Workshop

Inspiration, skills, ideas and tangible ideas tailored to your business

Group Sizes: 3 – 25 (bigger groups negotiable)

Do you want to use content marketing to get your customers or audience to like you, trust you and buy from you – or buy-in to what you’re saying? You will find this half-day workshop stimulating, inspirational and empowering – see the world of content in a whole new light of opportunities.

Content marketing should have to be hard and it won’t be, when you build a solid foundation based on an audience-centric, mission-driven strategy.

  1. Sales, thought leadership or brand building? How objectives define your actions;
  2. Empathy mapping: How to win trust by aligning your interests with your customer’s interests;
  3. How to analyse your environment to identify problem opportunities;
  4. Positioning in real time for full impact: Know what you stand for;
  5. Write a solid content marketing mission and vision – the touchstones of breakthrough content marketing.

Companies that have participated in this workshop include:

  • AMP New Zealand;
  • Urban Gourmet;
  • Aluro Healthcare;
  • Primary ITO;
  • Konica Minolta;
  • Builders Crack.

Create a content marketing mission that is unique, distinctly you – on brand, on message and aligned with your customer’s interest. Find, hold and keep your target market’s attention, and then move them to action.

“Very insightful and helpful. I’m leaving with a great starting point for our content marketing strategy.” – Spicers

2. CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY One-Day Workshop – learn & assemble the bones of your content marketing strategy in a day

This workshop will turn your team into content marketing pros and you will come away buzzing with new insights, opportunities and ideas to turbocharge your content

Group Sizes: 3 – 25 (bigger groups negotiable)

This one day will equip delegates to conceive, create and execute a content marketing strategy for the business.

Assemble the bones of your organisation’s content marketing strategy in the course of a day, and learn how to create compelling, relevant and attention-grabbing content at the same time.

  1. Sales, thought leadership or brand building? Why your objectives spawn your ecosystems;
  2. Put your audience first with empathy mapping. How to win trust by aligning your interests with your customer’s interests – needs, interests and problem opportunity discovery;
  3. How to analyse your environment to identify problem opportunities;
  4. Positioning in real time for full impact: Know what you stand for;
  5. Types of content, the transmedia mix and how to match content to your target audience. The right content for the right audience at the right time.
  6. Customer journey mapping: How to use content to map the customer journey and create memorable experiences.
  7. Channel strategy development: Surpass traditional channel techniques to go places your competitors don’t (covers social media, content discovery platforms and other opportunities to spread your message far and wide).
  8. Set-up or optimise your website to attract, hold and convert customers. All the traffic in the world is worth nothing if you do nothing with it;
  9. Building your content calendar and production processes. Build momentum with a simple content calendar that is easy to maintain.

Companies that have participated in this workshop include:

  • Meridian Energy;
  • GE Capital;
  • Bayleys Real Estate;
  • BECA;

This workshop will give delegates not only ideas and firm direction in the best content opportunities for the organisation but will also equip them to set up a content marketing framework, with a good understanding of relevant channels, processes and content calendar building.

“I have come out of this with far more ideas than I had previously by myself.” – Gary.

3. INBOUND MARKETING One-Day Workshop: Learn fast, execute and get the results you want in 30 days or less

Turn your website into an traffic generating, customer converting machine with the principles you learn in this workshop

Group Sizes: 3 – 25 (bigger groups negotiable)

Become an Inbound Marketing Pro – Learn everything you need to know about inbound in one day and start getting tangible results fast when you master the simple art of inbound marketing.

  • Overview of Inbound Marketing; what it is, how it works and the four pillars of traffic generation, lead generation, customer acquisition and analysis;
  • Search engine optimization. How to do SEO effectively in 2018;
  • What content to use, and how to use it, when mapping your customer journey for maximum engagement and conversion;
  • Blogging and content creation;
  • Social media and how to make it work for you. What you say, how you say it and where you say it are fundamental to making social media work for you, instead of sucking the life out of you;
  • Lead generation and automation; critical elements, the process and technology tools like HubSpot, MailChimp and Facebook;
  • How to make email work. Find your customers online to take them offline and into a face-to-face or more personal relationship with your business or organisation;
  • Measurement: Understand what analytics count and how you can use them to improve your conversion rates.
  • How to optimise your website: What works and what doesn’t and how you can create a sticky website to capture more leads.

Everything you need to know about how to conceive, create and execute an inbound marketing strategy for your business, organisation or department:

“Thought and action provoking. Relevant and to the point.” – PG

4. CONTENT CREATION Workshop: How to create content that wins hearts and minds

Tools and training on how to build an audience, convert customers, engage readers and grow loyalty with cut-through content.

In an age when 1.8 billion pieces of content are created every single day, between 60 to 80% of that content will disappear without a trace or a reader. Quality, however, always rises to the top and is the one sure way to effectively marketing your business in 2018.

  • Values and empathy mapping and how to put your audience first;
  • The principle of newsworthiness and why it’s important even for brands;
  • Defining your content mission – the touchstone for valuable content that educates, informs and inspires;
  • Writing headlines and titles that stand out (teaching, tools and tips)
  • Different types of content and how to use them;
  • Eight-story types every business needs to be able to use:
    • Opinion (editorials and third person endorsement)
    • Blogs (personalisation and contrast)
    • Compelling sales copy (includes website copywriting)
    • Press releases as traffic generators
    • Short form content (headline, visual and teaser)
    • Long form content (eBooks, white papers)
    • Scriptwriting for video
    • Scriptwriting for podcasts
  • Integrate your five-story types into a seamless process that maximises your reach and frequency.


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