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Thought Leadership begins when you put the public interest ahead of your own

A New Zealand power company said that they needed content to help them with their winter bill shock problem. Essentially, their switchboard is inundated with calls when winter begins because power bills increase sharply. Their objective was to produce content that addresses many of the questions that customers have when they get a big power […]

The erosion of trust in tertiary education and what to do about it

Where once tertiary education institutions competed with each other for enrolments – for the hard working as well as the talented – marketers in tertiary education are facing fierce disruption, and the enemy is far more subtle than technology. What’s more, the heat isn’t necessarily coming from other types of education such as eLearning or […]

How to turn public relation’s media impressions into flesh-and-blood customers

New Zealand is yet to feel the tremors of dissatisfaction with digital advertising running through London and New York, but they’re coming. It all started when Proctor and Gamble’s Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard stood up and demanded greater transparency and accountability from their digital advertising agencies and channel companies like Facebook and Google – […]

Fight for my inbox: Hardy’s vs Countdown

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: I’m on the move, I open my mobile and check my emails. There’s 18 unopened emails waiting for me – and that’s after I cleared the last batch just two hours ago! My heart sinks at the thought of wading through that lot again, when I have so much to do… I […]


Best pop up ever or what?

I am not a fan of pop-ups. Most times I kill them as soon as look at them. Not so much because they’re intrusive, but because they’re usually awful and have a strong commercial message. Admittedly, I’ve had occasion to regret delivering the lethal blow because I actually enjoyed the content – because it was […]

relevance in the face of mob consciousness

The rush to relevance in the face of mob conscience

Brands that wish to be trusted now and in the future must make the move from value positioning to relevance positioning in the context of a rising social consciousness in which every single person believes that as individuals, they can make a difference. Gone are the days when people shrugged their shoulders and said: “There’s […]

content sales programme

The anatomy of a content sales programme

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: You’ve heard about content marketing, but very often that’s a ‘long game’ strategy. When you need quicker results, it’s time to launch a ‘content sales’ campaign. Here’s how. XME Ltd is an insurance advisory company (broker) that asked us to come up with a plan to help them grow their engagement and […]

online prospecting

Need sales fast? Try this simple but quick online prospecting process

Auckland, New Zealand: Content Marketing: Need to boost your sales leads quickly because you’ve been so busy, you’ve neglected you leads pipeline? Here’s a simple online marketing formula that lets you get your business sales programme up and running on the Internet within a day or so. Step 1 Go to and create a […]

red queen

Is the Red Queen moving against you?

How can content marketing help you defeat the Red Queen? ‘Of course it is’ said the Queen…now here you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else you must run at least twice as fast as that!’” — Lewis Carroll, Through […]

engage customers

The best time to engage customers

We read a lot about engaging customers, cutting through the clutter, getting our message across… the truth is that we only ‘get through’ when the potential client is ready, able and willing to buy. When a person is actively looking for a solution, a product or a service, they will come looking for you. The […]