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The erosion of trust in tertiary education and what to do about it

Where once tertiary education institutions competed with each other for enrolments – for the hard working as well as the talented – marketers in tertiary education are facing fierce disruption, and the enemy is far more subtle than technology. What’s more, the heat isn’t necessarily coming from other types of education such as eLearning or […]

Audio is booming

The lyrics from British new wave band The Buggles, Video Killed the Radio Star… “If I was young it didn’t stop you coming through, Oh a oh…” hints at the portability and accessibility of audio as a medium, which is freely available anywhere, at any time and to any age – driving, cooking, exercising… yet […]

Is provocative content worth it?

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: A headline in the recent ‘sponsored’ section of a New Zealand daily newspaper read, “Religion in class: The debate goes on” – followed by the teaser, “Values key for NZ’s young but private school group rejects faith-based teaching”. Although we’re talking about a ‘native ad’ – which is not content marketing per […]

How to set up a sales funnel for your content marketing

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: I was in my early teens when one day I was walking down a road in our neighbourhood. A front gate had been left open and out dashed a scruffy black dog. It was headed straight for me. It’s barred fangs, the snarling sounds it was making and the vicious intent in its […]

The 7 essentials of a killer content marketing strategy

Part 1: The heart of your content I went to high school with identical twins, and I was always puzzled when other people couldn’t appear to tell them apart. To me, it was perfectly obvious who was who. You might think it was because I had a massive crush on one of them that lasted […]

squeeze more juice from your content

How to squeeze more juice from your content marketing

AUCKLAND, New Zealand: In this age of content marketing, how do you get more mileage from the content you create when you do business in a small country like New Zealand, which has limited channels and small audiences? I recently conducted a survey of Kiwi digital and marketing communications managers, which revealed that creating a […]

How an anthropologist can help build your buyer personas

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: One of the presenters at a recent New Zealand Content Marketing Conference, Professor Hamish Gow from Massey University, really captured my imagination with his advice to grab a camera and go be an amateur anthropologist if you want to understand your customer… I find the idea that we can study humankind’ to […]

how to market something so new

How to market something so new nobody knows they need it

Content Marketing, Auckland – NEW ZEALAND: How do you raise awareness and create a market for a completely new, unique product or service that nobody has ‘ever heard of’? I was at a Grow with Hubspot event in Auckland recently when business owner Joanna Clough asked a similar question. Joanna is the New Zealand founder […]

make your content relevant

How to make your content relevant

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: In our rush to drive traffic to our websites, promote our brands and build market awareness we often miss the most important fundamental of content marketing, which is ‘the story’… The story, the news angle, the value a piece of content provides the audience, should take precedence over the commercial objectives of […]

long posts get the most shares

Fact: Long articles get the most shares

Content Marketing, New Zealand: A Hubspot seminar in Auckland last week revealed that 2000 word articles, or longer, get the most social media shares. This one fact goes a long way to dispelling the myth that people only read what’s ‘short and sweet’ — relevant content, long form or short form, will always appeal to […]